5/16/2015 - The summer is picking up booking current tour dates for Sleep Signals, Osara and Poynte promoters contact us for dates on these summer tours

4/20/2015 - Thank you everyone for making the SOAK show a success!!!!!...this wk we have our own artist, Autumn Stay out on the road!!!! Santa Fe, Albaquerque (NM) and San Angelo, TX here we come!!!!

Also...we are currently booking national dates for the independent artists Theory of Thieves, Osara, Poynte and Murnane Tribe

Those looking to attend the Saturate || Kelen Heller show get tickets now in the store


Hope everyone has their tickets to the SOAK ( featuring John Moyer of Disturbed and the Adrenaline Mob) reunion show on Fri night?...we are approaching sellout...


Music Week is finally over!!!...Whew are we tired...we had produced shows in Dallas, TX and had the bands out on the road in Austin, Houston, Beaumont and Shreveport, LA...thanks to all who came out to the shows!!!

Sat night?! Locals come out to the RBC for Koppur Thief and more!!!


UPCOMING SHOWS!!! All tickets are on sale in the webstore!!!!

3/7 - Revive or Die Fest w All But Brave, Autumn Stay, Fly Away Hero and more!!!!

3/18 - The Motion Theatre (West Virginia) comes to town!!! at RBC

3/20 - D-Railed (St. Louis, MO) w Lilith of Exile, Agents of Solace and Sanctum Solaris here in Dallas, TX!!!!


Getting ready for some serious rockin' this wknd!!! Sat night we host the Naughty Valentine Party

featuring LEGACY and Sons of Blackwater (Houston, TX)

at our new home the RBC!! Then Sun we have a special early All Age show w The Dubonauts (Shreveport, LA)

II Calling For Eden II Sun Over Sea and more!!! Tickets are still available on that show in our store!

AUTUMN STAY fans!!! The regional date sre going well and tomorrow night the band is Lawton, OK

at the Railhead Saloon!!! Hope all our southeren Oklahoma fans join us!!!

1/19/2015 - NEW COMFIMATIONS!!!! we just confirmed national acts Element A440 (Phoenix, AZ),

Crysalis, metal band - from Barstow, CA and regional act act D-Railed (St. Louis, MO) returms to the DFW market

local bands get with us to get on these support bills!!! email us at regionaltexasbooking@yahoo.com 


It's a new year and we're in business frenzy!!!!...Closing out the books on a successful year

of 2014 and booking up a storm in the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2015!!!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Let's exchange widgets!!!! We have "widgets" HTML codes

to place on anyone's website. The codes link to our web and social media sites!!!

We will do the same for interested parties on our website!!! Let's drive business

to each other's sites!! Want to exchange widgets?...email us at astreeter@rocketmail.com

Let's talk...

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